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Bosch GBA Battery Pack 18 Volt 4.0Ah Li-Ion SPLIT DOWN CODE
Sale Price: €90.71
 (€73.75 excl. tax)
You save: €102.02 (52.93%)
Bosch GKS 190 110 Volt 190mm Circular Saw In Carry Case
Sale Price: €161.47
 (€131.28 excl. tax)
You save: €68.24 (29.71%)
Bosch GKS 190 240 Volt 190mm Circular Saw In Carry Case
Sale Price: €156.03
 (€126.85 excl. tax)
You save: €73.68 (32.08%)
Bosch GSA 1300 PCE Sabre Saw & Blade Set 1300 Watt 240 Volt
Sale Price: €281.21
 (€228.63 excl. tax)
You save: €96.45 (25.54%)
Bosch GSB 13RE 110 Volt Impact Drill 13klch 550w
Sale Price: €92.53
 (€75.23 excl. tax)
You save: €35.95 (27.98%)
Bosch GSB 18 2LI Combi Drill 18 Volt 2 x 1.3Ah Li-Ion
Sale Price: €152.40
 (€123.90 excl. tax)
You save: €213.58 (58.36%)
Makita BL1840 18 Volt 4.0Ah Li-Ion Battery
Sale Price: €81.64
 (€66.38 excl. tax)
You save: €168.32 (67.34%)
Makita DHP453RFE LXT Combi Drill 18 Volt 2 x 3.0Ah Li-Ion DHP453RFE
Sale Price: €509.80
 (€414.48 excl. tax)
You save: €76.55 (13.06%)
Makita DHR202RMJ SDS+ Hammer Drill 18 Volt 1 x 4.0Ah Li-Ion
Sale Price: €324.75
 (€264.03 excl. tax)
You save: €210.21 (39.29%)
Makita DLM380PF4 LXT Lawnmower 18 Volt 4 x 3.0Ah Li-Ion DLM380PF4
Sale Price: €628.84
 (€511.25 excl. tax)
You save: €604.89 (49.03%)
Makita DLX2024MJ Twin Pack 18 Volt 2 x 4.0Ah Li-Ion
Sale Price: €488.03
 (€396.78 excl. tax)
You save: €341.27 (41.15%)
Makita DLX2040TJ Brushless Twinpack 18 Volt 2 x 5.0Ah Li-Ion
Sale Price: €619.61
 (€503.75 excl. tax)
You save: €400.08 (39.24%)
Makita LC 1230 TCT Cut-off Saw 305 x 25.4 110 Volt
Sale Price: €553.35
 (€449.88 excl. tax)
You save: €117.10 (17.47%)
Our most popular items
Einhell GC-PM46BS Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower 46cc
Sale Price: €301.17
 (€244.85 excl. tax)
You save: €51.34 (14.56%)
Gerber Bear Grylls Compact Multi-Tool
Sale Price: €30.32
 (€24.65 excl. tax)
You save: €4.50 (12.92%)
41/50 Laminated Padlock Keyed Alike EE0020
Sale Price: €13.74
 (€11.17 excl. tax)
You save: €4.57 (24.96%)
LP7 Leopard Brass Padlock 25mm
Sale Price: €6.00
 (€4.88 excl. tax)
You save: €0.70 (10.45%)
65/30 Brass Padlock Carded
 (€6.55 excl. tax)
Hitachi Power Tools

Hitachi Power ToolsHitachi Tools - News & Product Information

 Hitachi offers a range of power tools for both the professional and home user. Our Power tools range from the cordless drills/drivers right through to rotary demolition hammers, metal and wood working tools such as circular saws and sanders.

Hitachi Technology

Technology is the common thread behind the Hitachi brand. It’s what makes Hitachi products superior in design and durability. From its birth, Hitachi has pioneered innovative technologies that have improved lives around the world. This knowledge is shared across all Hitachi divisions worldwide and is incorporated into applications that benefit many different products.
To read more about specific technologies that benefit Hitachi Power Tools, click here.

Hitachi Durability

Durability is the bottom line for Hitachi Power Tools. We see proof every day with some of our tools coming back for service that were sold 20 years ago! The technology we incorporate and the determination to produce nothing but the best is evident in the lifespan and longevity of our tools.

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