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Blockguard 5 Litre 409

Blockguard 5 Litre 409
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5.04 kg
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Product Description

Blockguard is a clear polyurethane based liquid designed to bind jointing sand and form a one coat durable seal over block paving and other mineral pavers/flags. BLOCK PAVING SEAL penetrates deeply into pavers and jointing sand and then cures by reaction with moisture and solvent evaporation to give a long lasting seal which is resistant to sunlight, water, oil, petrol and fungal/mould/weed growth.

All mineral surfaces absorb water, which in time can lead to erosion of the surface and removal of jointing sand. BLOCK PAVING SEAL binds jointing sand and reduces water damage and penetration so that water breads up on the surface. This action provides long-term protection and extends the life of most common patio stones/slabs/blocks/flags as well as reducing dusting and facilitating easier cleaning.

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