Covid-19 presents new dangers to the vulnerable children of Ireland. In addition to feeling more isolated than ever, some have been deprived of the activities they need to cope, while others are trapped in accommodation with their tormentors. They all need the vital help that the ISPCC Childline provides. 

In addition to a previous donation in April of €1500, in the Month of May Handyhardware will contribute €0.50c per new order shipped on its service to the ISPCC. Your orders will directly help the most vulnerable children in our society to seek and access the help they need during this difficult time.

While the schools being shut has led to a fantastic opportunity for some children to spend quality time with their parents and families, some other children are unfortunately not so lucky.

For many children and young people, school is their sanctuary. Now they are at home - and in many cases, in close proximity to their tormentor

More and more children and young people have been reaching out to Childline for support online. In the month of March, Childline noticed an increase of 25 per cent in online contacts.

Children and young people turn to Childline for support with all kinds of issues which might be on their mind. In the past few weeks since the COVID 19 outbreak some of the topics children and young people have spoken about with Childline most often have included: 


  • Family Relationships
  • Mental / Emotional Health
  • Domestic Violence
  • Online Safety
  • Coronavirus


Life as we know it has been put on hold. But child abuse and other issues do not stop in a pandemic. 

 If you would also like to donate directly to the ISPCC Childline please click on this link

Thank you for making a difference to a child’s live .