Unibond Anti-Mould Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant Cartridge White 274g

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Unibond Anti-Mould Kitchen & Bathroom Sealant Cartridge White 274g

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UniBond Healthy Kitchen & Bathroom Anti Mould Silicone Sealant ensures long-lasting, mould-free protection and strong seals. This high-quality and long-lasting joint filler is specially formulated to function in humid environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Recommended for use as a kitchen sink sealant, worktop sealant or as a toilet sealant.

High adhesion, create a perfect and long-lasting seal with this durable, high-strength kitchen sealant. Ensure a mould-free finish with regular cleaning of the sealant. Formulated with silicone acetoxy technology, this joint sealant provides long-lasting sanitary seals with high adhesion. The cartridge design ensures precise application. Waste no time with sealing jobs, touch-dry within just 20 minutes and fully dry in 24 hours.

Protect your bathroom and kitchen from mould with the powerful UniBond Anti Mould Sealant!

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 48 × 66 × 233 mm
GTIN 4015000437295
MPN 2707173
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